Support the Project

The fundraising for this project has ended for now.  For information about how the funds raised have been used, see below.  In the meantime I am still working on the project in ways that only utilize only my time with no additional hard costs.

If you want to help with the project you can help me connect with fat activists who have a story to tell.  E-mail me their contact information (or have them e-mail me) at ragen at danceswithfat dot org.

Funds raised by the project:  $2,715

GoFundMe fees: $228.59
Equipment:  $314.92
Travel: $1329.36
Time*: $1231.50

Total:  3104.37

Total remaining:  -389.37

*Time was calculated at a rate of $15/hour (chosen not because it is market rate for the work, but because it is the number that is generally accepted as a fair minimum wage.) I do Size Acceptance and HAES work full time, and while a lot of my work is subsidized by members,and  speaking gigs, I am also subsidizing my time on this project through the fundraising (as I explained on the GoFundMe page) At this point I’ve spent over 80 hours on the project it will take many more. My plan is to continue working on the first phase of the project in ways that do not incur additional hard costs (utilizing video interviews rather than in-person etc.) and utilizing only my own time and money for local travel. It is my hope that I will be able to subsidize this work in other ways and not require further fundraising for this stage, while of course keeping all of the content completely free.


Equipment: $314.92
Camera: $214.98
Tripod: $32.71
Memory Card 120GB: $67.23

Florida Trip  $547.17 three days, two nights
Flight:  $276.80
Rental Car:  $141.26
Hotel:  $129.11

Bay Area Trip  $782.19(4 days, 3 nights)
Flight:  $371.54
Rental Car:  $179.49
Air Bnb:  $231.16

Total time on the project to date: 82.1 hours

Research and communication time:  11.4 hours
Travel time: (includes time dedicated to traveling for this project, during which I couldn’t work on other things) 47.7 hours
Interview Time:  (set up, interview, tear down) 13.3 hours
Editing Time (including editing of videos not yet published):  9.7 hours

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