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Here they are! I hope that you enjoy these interviews and that you’ll consider supporting the project so that I can interview even more amazing fat activists!

Jessica May

Getting Involved in Fat Activism

Life as a Super Sized Person


Memorable Moments in Fat Activism

Being a Woman of Color in Fat Activism

Inclusivity, Activism, and Diversity and Just Being

What Would You Say to Someone Who is New to Fat Activism

Moving Fat Activism Forward

Juicy D. Light

Big Moves, Heather MacAllister, and Getting Started in Fat Activism

What would you tell someone who is new to Fat Activism?

Being a Woman of Color in Fat Activism, Inclusivity and Intersectionality

Heroes, Oprah, and Sizeism in Size Acceptance

Health at Every Size in Fat Activism

Being a Womanist, Defining Beauty, Dealing with the Beauty Myth

What is the Next Step for Fat Activism?

What would you tell a Fat Woman who wants to perform?

Lynn Ellen Marcus

The Fat Dyke Float

Size Politics in Fat Activism

Judy Freespirit’s Fat Musical, the Final Fat Feminist Convention

Healthism in Fat Activism

Activism Heroes

The Fat Feminist Caucus and the Year of the Dress

Early Fat Activism

When the Work is Done, Intersectionality and Fat Activism

How Do We Move Fat Activism Forward?

Current Work in Mental Health and Fat Activism

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